Saturday, February 28, 2015


2014 was a busy year setting appointments for a variety of industries.

This year in 2015 I have received a couple of calls about the new POS systems for merchants.  The credit card companies are issuing new cards with security chips and merchants will need new machines to accept these cards. Apparently the new machines will be given at no cost to the merchant provided they switch vendors and the new machines will also accept Apple Pay !

Look forward to working on one of these campaigns and many others as my wife and I can handle any telemarketing campaign you can imagine.

I have one client who sells Palm Trees to Homeowners in New York and the new shipment will arrive this spring!


  1. Jeff, nice website, but you should consider having a promo video created to promote the telemarketing / sales service you and your wife offer. Digital Film Academy students here in NYC would probably be very eager to jump on this. Here's the link:

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